To My Donor's Family

I Received Your Gift

You recently made a decision to honor your loved one’s wish to gift life upon their demise, and it goes without saying that despite your thoughts on such, your heart was purely intentional. 

Separation from this world is never easy no matter how much we prepare or how much forethought or advanced notice we have, yet above your own sorrow, your own grief, your own pain, you put another soul first; you put me first. 

I know I can never repay you for your beautiful gift that is organ donation, but I can commit to mind and heart to always think of you, to always pray for you, and to always carry myself upright with dignity and decency in ways both pleasing to God and respectable to you.  

Perhaps one day we will meet or maybe we won’t. Regardless, for all the days of my life, we will have a bond that requires no introduction or no interaction but does require the foundation of faith that led us to this very moment and chapter in our lives. 

With the sincerest gratitude,


Made whole, December 8, 2018